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The Presa Canario Breed

At Red Star Kennel, we strive to breed a sound, functional Presa Canario of character and physique that is useful in todays world. We feel that for a Presa Canario to be truly useful in the various venues of protection dog training, it must posses traits such as stable nerves, some degree of prey and defense drive, and physical ability to do the manwork. While these traits are very common for many breeders of Presa Canario, very few remember a very important aspect of all dog training in general. Compliance.

Many Presa Canario breeders are currently caught up in the idea of a "hard dog". Meaning, a dominant dog with little to no tolerance for challenge of any sort. Either from animal, or owner. Many times these Presa Canario are seriously lacking in prey and food drive, and are extremely difficult to motivate, which is an essential tool in all of dog training. Which leaves a trainer to correction or deprivation techniques.

We find a dog like this to be more or less useless when speaking in terms of dog training. If we cannot correct the dog and instill our dominance as handler, we cannot have proper control. And therefore the dog is dangerous in todays society. Dogs learn from two things. Consistency, and repetition. In order for a dog to learn, we must drill repetitions. And compliance is a key factor in drilling reps. Any competent dog trainer will agree. In order for a Presa Canario to be used as a breeding prospect at Red Star Kennel, it must posses sound and stable character, moderate levels of prey and defense drive, social indifference with strangers and a small degree of handler sensitivity.

At Red Star Kennel, training, has always been our passion. And when we assess our Presa Canario for breeding, we are not only thinking in terms of sound and correct structure, but also in terms of drive and our ability to manipulate the drive we wish to channel into behaviors. Red Star Presa Canario puppies are evaluated at 5,6,and 7 weeks old with basic exercises that test our puppies food, prey and pack drive, as well as vigilance, compliance, environmental soundness and overall determination.

Our Presa Canario puppies are placed in homes varying from well balanced pets, to recreational sport dogs enjoying obedience, protection sports, and agility. Please call or email for details on our Presa Canario puppies, and Presa Canario Adults.

Our Dogs

Red Star Onyx
(Red Star Thor x Red Star Lada) OFA Excellent

Onyx is a medium sized female with a calm and pleasant disposition. Physically, she is well muscled and chiseled with definition. Onyx has a character and look resembling her great grandmother, Duna, who was one of our original brood females. Onyx loves to work, is very responsive and devoted to her handler, and approaches all activities with a thoughtful demeanor. She is socially neutral with dogs and people and confident in different environments. Onyx is also a wonderfully loyal guard, who takes her job very seriously.


Red Star Porsche
(Drago x Red Star NV) OFA Excellent

Porsche is a large female with a dynamic disposition. Porsche loves anyone and anything, as long as she is involved in the mix. She loves to work and play, and is explosively athletic. She is curious with strange dogs and neutral with people, but very playful and affectionate with her human pack. Porsche, is a very happy dog with a real zest for life itself, and dives into any and all activities with vigor. Porsche loves bitework! It is by far her favorite activity. Although she also enjoys hanging out during obedience lessons helping us train other dogs.