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The Miniature Poodle


In our opinion, the Miniature is hands down the best companion dog available to us today. There are many, many reasons why we feel this way, and here are a few...

  • Speaking generally, the Mini Poodle is loyal, affectionate, obedient, willing to please, easy to motivate, territorial, compliant, and receptive to strange behavior. The MP is also generally game to do whatever it is that you are doing at that moment. Meaning if you sleep all day, they are laying right there with you. Or, if you go for a 10 mile hike, they are also right there with you without missing a beat.
  • The Mini Poodle is also one of the most agile breeds. They are able to jump great distances considering their smaller size. And because they are easy to motivate, teaching them to jump is a relatively simple task. In fact, teaching them anything is relatively simple compared to other breeds. Mini Poodles, if taught correctly, generally enjoy "work" and are very enthusiastic about the sheer idea of learning something new. All of these things make training a fun and enjoyable experience which only enhances the overall ability of the dog.

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  • Some of the activities people enjoy with their Mini Poodles are: Agility, hunting, hiking, therapy work, trick training, obedience, conformation, detection work, and search and rescue just to name a few.
  • The breed makes an excellent watchdog. They are very receptive to abnormalities is the day to day routine. They have a strong territorial instinct, which with a little encouragement makes them very alert and responsible.
  • Of course they are hypo-allergenic, which makes them suitable for all people.
  • The grooming for the Mini Poodle can be as easy, or as difficult as you would like it to be. It depends on the look that you prefer.

Our Miniature Poodles

Ch Amity's Elegant Treasures

"Ellie" is a medium sized Miniature Poodle with a sweet disposition and a hardy character. She is sired by "Ch Amity Mystical F.D.R." (Frankie) and her dam is "Ch Silverado Soliloquy of Kalien"(Cuda). Ellie was bred by Annie Seppo of Amity kennels in Duluth Mn, and was placed with us at 4 months of age. She was championed by 10 months old, handled by Jennifer Dege of Refinne Poodles Mn. Ellie is a very beautiful, playful, alert, and attentive Miniature Poodle. She is watchful in the house, but very accepting of strangers. She is very tolerant with children, dogs and other animals in general. Ellie will continue her show career in UKC this summer along with her daugher, Vienna.

Look for puppies out of Ellie this fall of 11'

Red Star Ellie

CH Red Star Vienna

Vienna is a medium sized Miniature Poodle with strong character and dynamic disposition. She has very strong drive that is easily manipulated into behaviors and exudes confidence. She loves to play and chase the ball, and is indifferent to strange dogs and animals. Her sire is "Ch Sanvar Baker's Chocolate Dimarnique"(Baker) and her mother is our Ellie.

Red Star Vienna

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